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CANCELLED: The next Good Wood Expo with be held in Republic of Congo, June 2020

Good Wood Expo is a space dedicated to promoting legal international timber trade and raising awareness about the benefits of FLEGT-licensing. It features companies who prioritise responsible timber in their business.


Good Wood Expo featured in IFEX 2019 Journal

Grace Blackham, Programme Manager of BVRio's Forestry and Timber Markets was interviewed by IFEX. "We think IFEX is a great opportunity to promote legal and sustainable timber furniture to the international market. We chose IFEX because thousands of visitors come to IFEX from all over the world." BVRio is impressed with the number of Indonesian companies that are interested in making legal and certified timber furniture products, said Blackham.

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Eco-friendly products have more opportunities

"The demand for eco-friendly products is increasing as people are showing more concern about the environment."

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Maria Murliantini

FLEGT licensing, a seller's experience – 14 March, 12:00

Maria Murliantini, Sunteak Alliance's owner, leads the charge towards legality in Indonesia’s furniture capital, Jepara. She was one of the inspiring speakers at the Good Wood Talks in Indonesia where she shared her experience as a leader in exporting only products made from verified legal teak to buyers in the EU.

Murliantini’s company is classed as medium-sized. It employs 100-150 workers on the factory floor, with more in busy periods. In 2011, it became one of the first Indonesian companies of its size to gain Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certification, showing it could trace its teak back to responsibly managed forests.

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(Image source: Robertus Pudyanto, EU FLEGT Facility)

An EU buyer’s perspective: sustainability and responsible sourcing, 12 March, 14:00

Wood Expert Gianni Cantarutti spoke at the Good Wood Talks, during the Good Wood Expo, in Jakarta 11-14 March 2019. Gianni offered valuable insights into sustainability and responsible timber sourcing.